eProcurement Integration

What is eProcurement?

Technosol offers all customers the opportunity to conduct purchasing requirements through e-procurement, a customised web service designed for all organisations. As an electronic ordering tool, Technosol offers a feature-rich procurement mechanism enabling direct use or incorporation into an existing e-procurement front end. Each web page is customer-specific reflecting any Volume Pricing or Special Bid Agreement you may have in place with Technosol.


How will eProcurement help with my business?

By addressing commodity purchasing, which accounts for the majority of IT-related POs and subsequently administration costs, users will experience a lower cost of procurement. The streamlining and automation of business processes offers tangible cost savings for your organisation and improved management of the procurement process. The following features are only available through eProcure, delivering the business-class functionality that you expect from an "e-procurement" solution.


Streaming your purchasing process

You control what you buy and who is authorised to buy it. As a business that has successfully supplied products and services for over 20 years, Technosol understands the purchasing process intimately. We therefore designed eProcure so you can add user profiles, giving only certain people access to ensure smooth transactions and reducing the risk of unwarranted spend. eProcure automates the buying process, assisting you in controlling IT spend and managing budget.


Bespoke online catalogue

The benefits of standardizing IT purchasing are well documented. Multi-site organizations often find standardized purchasing difficult to manage without heavy investment in an e-procurement solution. Not only is e-Procure deployed at NO cost, but also allows you to define the product visibility your buyers have. Any price structure agreement with Technosol will be reflected at the e-Procure login stage.


Employee empowerment in a controlled environment

Spending time requesting quotes? Stop! e-Procure allows the respective departments and users to raise their own quotes, and then process these. By defining user profiles, you are able to authorise or reject the request prior to point of transaction.


Do you order the same products regularly?

If so, you'll know how frustrating raising the same order month-on-month or week-on-week can be - which is why eProcure allows you to create custom bundles of products. If you receive a frequent request from your marketing department for toner, simply set up a bundle called "marketing toners" and give them access to place the order. Remember, though, that you still need to sign off the order prior to transaction.


Deployed for all business customers at NO COST

Your Technosol Account Manager will work with you to ensure you get the most out of eProcure and eliminate the unnecessary costs associated with transacting. eProcure simplifies and manages your ordering process without touching your budget.