Common Fears of Online Shopping
Common Fears of Online Shopping

Even in first world countries where online shopping is considered a ‘common service’ there are still some concerns surrounding the e-commerce service. In a developing country like Eswatini, it is only normal that there are concerns around this 21st-century concept. Firstshop understands that they are in an ‘awareness phase’ and have an enormous responsibility to the kingdom and to its stakeholders to inform, educate and be as transparent as possible.


When the Firstshop team conducted their research, it revealed quite a few concerns regarding online shopping as a service. Firstshop takes these concerns very seriously and plans to address them accordingly because we understand that we are in an awareness phase and need to educate as well as inform. The most common fears brought forward were the following:


A lifelong fear of anyone who has ever opened a bank account! Having your hard earned funds easily scammed from you in these hard economic times is no fun at all. That is why Firstshop prioritizes confidentiality and provides a website that Google has verified and confirmed to be secure. Apart from providing a secure website Firstshop has multiple payment options such as Electronic Fund Transfer (EFT) and cash on delivery (COD) which do not require you to disclose your banking details. We are also looking to add Mobile Money to our payment options which will delight users because of its speed and ease of use.


Users have also voiced their concern about possibly not getting good quality products. Firstshop has a wide ever-expanding range of top quality brands such as HP, Lenovo, Samsung and Apple just to name a few. We align ourselves with these brands in a bid to make sure that customers always get top quality because these are top of the range brands that never compromise on quality.


First and foremost, in the unfortunate event that your consignment gets lost, that cost should completely be on the retailers head. Unless you as the user have provided an incorrect address. Firstshop has a very flexible approach to the delivery of consignments. Normally or such is the industry standard that what happens is that once your order has been placed it gets delivered to the address provided. As Firstshop we like to phone the client and alert them that their package is in the Kingdom and on its way to them. In doing so we confirm the address and availability of the client to receive their package, this approach makes sure that the consignment is delivered to the correct address.

As mentioned earlier, we as Firstshop understand and accept that we are in an ‘awareness phase’ and as such need to inform, educate as well as display transparency. We will continue to engage with Firstshop users as well as the public at large to uncover their fears as well as concerns. This will help us implement worth-while strategies that will counter users’ fears. That’s all, for now, folks, safe shopping everyone!