Firstshop Eswatini Review: Samsung P555 Tablet
Firstshop Eswatini Review: Samsung P555 Tablet


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I am truly honoured and excited to be contributing to this blog and hope that my insights to this platform will evoke interest, inform and most importantly help you decide how many devices you want to buy from Firstshop! Haha, just joking (well sort of). When tasked with creating content for this blog the one thing I wanted to do is talk about Tech and Electronics in a thought-provoking as well as colourful way. In other words, I’ll try not to bore you! 

Going forward I hope we can establish the Firstshop blog as the premium Technology site in Eswatini! From time to time there will be contributions and collaborations with other fellow tech enthusiasts, which only makes for better quality content.

I thought it would be fitting if we talk about the Tab A since we've had it in our office for the past few weeks. We’ve had this slick, slender masterpiece in our office for a couple of weeks now because as you might have heard, we’re giving 5 of them away as part of our latest promotion for the site. To stand a chance of winning one, you simply have to register an account on Firstshop.


The P555 tablet stays true to the Samsung “mould” with recognizable physical features and colours, there’s no mistaking this one for any other brand. As a bit of a bookworm and someone who’s constantly browsing the web what impresses me is the screen size. Officially the specs say the P555 has a 9.7-inch (that’s 24.5 cm for the local market) screen which can only optimize your browsing and viewing experience.


Whether you’re scrolling through your timeline keeping track of your favourite team, reading a newspaper article or simply viewing that fabulous selfie you’re about to hashtag, the size of the screen makes it suitable to do all the above. Speaking of selfies, this model comes with a back (5 Mega Pixel) and front (2 Mega Pixel) camera. To be frank the feature of front and back cameras is standard in the industry these days. Other so-called ‘standard features’ include:   

        - Micro SD slot, for when you’ve exhausted the 16 GB that the tablet comes with.

-          - Bluetooth.

-          - GPS.

-          - Wi-Fi compatibility.

-          - Loudspeaker.

Battery wise, I hesitate to talk about this one because of the negative perception around smartphone batteries, but it’s actually decent. Samsung and other smartphone manufacturers, in general, have come a long way with regards to improving battery life, the improvements can be seen in this gadget. The P555 battery is capable of doing over 14 hours of talk time, which is a testimony to those improvements. But of course usage and the number of Apps running plays a part in the battery's endurance.


My overall impression of the Samsung P555 tablet is very positive. There are plenty of features that put a smile on my face. One feature, in particular, that had a lasting impression or at least caught my eye is the 'Kid’s Mode' feature which I am a big fan of. As we know in schools these days there is a huge emphasis placed on maths, science and English. Having such a gadget in the house would basically be like having a tutor under your roof for your child. Very convenient.  

Otherwise, the tablet promises to deliver a very enjoyable experience with its endless features which we can speak about the whole day. Whoever gets their hands on it is a very lucky individual. In conclusion, I give the tablet a very solid and credible ratings of 4 stars (All Ratings Are Out Of 5 Stars).