Cloud Hosting (part 1)
Cloud Hosting (part 1)


Its common knowledge that we’re in the ‘Information Age’ but what is not so apparent to business owners and individuals is the need to make sure that they safeguard their information and data. Every day in the business world we’re constantly collecting data which is the lifeblood of the company and should be given the care as well as attention it deserves, not left to chance.

Medium to large businesses deals with a lot of data which is generated from different sources in the respective organizations. Take for example retail stores. They register hundreds if not thousands of transactions a day, eventually, the weight of keeping that data ends up becoming a burden in terms of storage, which it shouldn’t. This is where cloud hosting (or cloud computing as it is commonly known) comes in and where Technosol can help. With just a steady internet connection and a device (desktop, laptop or smartphone) vital data can be stored and retrieved online at the click of a button. This, of course, means you safeguard your data in the unfortunate event of any physical damage which may result in the loss of your data.


Put in simple terms, cloud hosting is outsourcing your storage capabilities to a third party. The third party then takes on the responsibility of securely storing it and making it available to you any time you need it. Take for example a simple email service like Gmail, they do a form of cloud computing. Your emails are not on your computer but you can access them through the internet. The user benefits in the following ways:

§  They have access to larger amounts of storage space.

§  Users don’t need to invest in expensive high storage computers anymore.

§  Reduced I.T costs since you won’t need an expert to try and retrieve your information/data in the event that it gets lost.

§  There are different storage packages available so you only get charged for what you use on the service.

§  Users can access their files anywhere in the world, as long as there is a good internet connection that allows them to send and retrieve files. This is very helpful in situations where you saved a document on another device but don’t have the device with you. You can then access your document on another device and keep working.