Online Support

Our tech support is available via our Online Chat Service to help with your queries during office hours. Log in to our website and get assistance with product selection, availability or price, as well as any technical queries. Should the query require hands-on support, a call-out can be booked online.

Call Outs and On Call

Our tech support will come to your home or office to fix any tech support you may have at competitive prices. Our professional CompTIA trained agents will advise, upgrade, connect or repair - Whatever you need to make your tech work for you. This service is available across Eswatini.

Our call center agents are ready to answer any query and will assist you with whatever you have or point you in the right direction.

Our call center agents are standing by to book a call, assist with basic queries and finding your local location.

For more information:

Chat to one of our Agents Or call 2409 0500