Software Asset Management

Software Asset Management

License Advisor is the only comprehensive solution that interfaces with existing Software Asset Management (SAM) technology to help companies purchase, deploy, and manage software quickly and cost-effectively.

This allows organisations to reduce the manual duplication of software and maverick purchases, consolidate licences across offices and divisions, and link entitlement and distribution right from the start. Because it is not locked into a single technology, organisations can use the deployment tool that best suits the needs of the employee, while employees get the software they require immediately.


SAM Desk

Technosol's SAM Desk offers a comprehensive solution to ensure you maintain control of your software management solution and keep sight of costs, as well as the complex issue of licensing and the legal aspects of licence compliance. SAM Desk offers a broad range of services which are not so much a tool, but rather local support by experienced specialists, delivering professional software procurement and administration.


SAM in a Box

Technosol recognises the need to provide a simple Software Asset Management (SAM) solution to our valued mid-market clients (from 250 - 750 auditable devices), to allow them to implement a comprehensive SAM solution in-house. This solution includes:

  • Inventory Tool (MicroAUDIT)

  • Licence Repository Tool

  • Tool Installation and Training

  • Policy Documentation Templates

  • Best Practice Documentation

  • SAM Training Workshop

SAM in a Box enables you to keep tight control of your software management, ensuring both cost and software efficacy at all times.


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