Software Licensing

Microsoft Licensing

Technosol has a strong platform of Microsoft skills countrywide. Our team consists of respected licensing advisors in Eswatini and a significant back-office team with strong Microsoft product and licensing skills to ensure quick execution to customers. We have a worldwide footprint through our partner Insight IT, one of the largest LAR's worldwide, and Computacenter.

Each employee in our software division has the experience and in-depth understanding of the Microsoft agreements and processes to offer comprehensive analysis and to ensure customers receive the best pricing by assisting with the negotiation process of a structured licensing agreement according to your requirements.

By gaining a good understanding of our customer's environment and always being up to date with technology changes and future trends, Technosol derives value for customers that ensures they get the maximum benefit out of their Microsoft licensing agreements.

Technosol has:

·         A full complement of qualified Microsoft Certified Technology Specialists

·         The appropriate license contracts management skills

·         A fully trained Software Asset Management team

·         The most qualified Altiris team who will implement a software asset management solution and provide all the operational activities on a daily basis to ensure that true software asset management is achieved

·         The largest and most qualified back office license procurement and contract management team

·         Senior executive commitment

·         The ability to significantly optimise a customer's software usage

·         The ability to provide software licensing services countrywide and worldwide through our partnership with other major Microsoft LARs

·         All the systems and processes in place to assist clients with their software license compliancy

·         Best-of-breed processes

·         An unrivalled value proposition

·         More than 15 years of Microsoft software licensing experience

Other Licensing

Software vendor accreditations from leading global companies bear testament to the strength of our software offering. Technosol adopts a vendor agnostic approach, acting only as a trusted partner to our clients by providing independent advice that is tailored to meet all your software needs. Our licensing specialists can assess your existing software infrastructure and detail the options available and the benefits and costs involved.

Technosol has the tools, capabilities and expertise to guide organisations through the full software lifecycle, from selecting and procuring the right products and licensing agreements, through to managing your ongoing software environment to optimise your technology investments.

To learn more about how we can help you achieve your IT objectives, call a software licensing expert at 2409 0500.