The release of the Samsung Galaxy note 9
The release of the Samsung Galaxy note 9

This is in a bid to Boost Sales Massively – It will Take Drastic Measures to Increase Those Numbers

Samsung is going to officially announce the Galaxy Note 9 today but the company could be apprehensive about the sales performance of its upcoming flagship. The upcoming iPhones and the Huawei Mate 20 Pro will also be released on the heel of the Note 9 announcement and fans might sit out the Galaxy Note 9 launch because of those all-screen iPhone models, along with the compelling features of the Mate 20 Pro such as the triple camera system, giant battery, flexible OLED display, and in-screen fingerprint sensor.

Samsung’s fears are not unfounded. The Galaxy S9 series tanked at the smartphone sales box office and the Note 9 is not a lot different than the Galaxy S9 Plus. Moreover, there is no mystery around the device as a lot of the specifications were revealed ahead of time, some by Samsung itself.

Samsung Aiming to Introduce Pre-Orders a Day Earlier Than Usual to Prop up Numbers as Quickly as Possible

Korean media has reported that Samsung is making last-ditch efforts to increase the sale of its newest flagship device. For instance, the Galaxy Note 9 pre-orders will be opened one day before the previously planned day. It is not known yet if the device will also start shipping earlier than planned.

Even though the difference of a day may not make a big impact, Samsung is doing everything it can to make the Note 9 look more appealing. Time is the key element here and Samsung probably wants to sell as many phones as it can before the impending arrival of the new iPhone models.

Based on Korean media reports, it won’t be surprising to see Samsung kicking off pre-orders on Sunday, August 12 in its home territory of South Korea. Local carriers will probably start receiving reservations from Monday. Also, judging by past trends, the phones will arrive in the U.S. by August 24.